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Have you been thinking about how to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset required to take you where you want to be ? 


Have you tried different approaches, reading diff books, attended diff lectures and many different one time solutions that never seem to work sustainably? 


The answer is simple! You need to develop better habits. 


From my last article , I believe you have recognised the essence of developing a growth mindset in attaining success in all areas of your life.

Growth is a result of habits and not a one-time action thus it is a gradual process, that requires the daily practice. So today I challenge you to practice these five things in your daily lives;


  1. Believe in positivity and open up your mind to new experiences and information


  1. Focus on your process not your results in every aspect of your life    


Often at times when we commit to do something,  be losing 25kg of body weight, quitting procrastination, saving more money in our business or simple getting an A in an Exams or a promotion at work: we judge ourselves based on the results achieved at the end. However this approach lives us fixated on a right or wrong, good or bad mindset which can often lead to excessive positive or negative emotions.


Rather by focusing on the process and effort exalted to get to our results, we recognise the growth that
have occurred, the daily habits that have been improved, our willingness to change for the better and in so
doing gain a more holistic view of our overall performance whether or not we achieve the exact results we intended to.

  1. Learn to Say NO! And mean it

How many times has someone asked you to do something for them and you said YESSS when all you wanted to have done instead was to say NO? Let me guess countless times. Well for you to grow and focus on what matters the most in aligning with your goals, aspirations, and purpose, you have to learn to say NO more often than you currently do. To track this, write down the last 10 instances you said yes when you meant to say no. Now commit to ensuring that you write down from today 10 new instances that you say NO when you wanted to say NO and give yourself a tap in the back when you get to the tenth time. It does not matter how long it takes you, but the sooner you get comfortable doing this even when your heart feels so heavy, the better! 


  1. Create and commit to a one-week workout routine and meal plan every month


An integral part of a holistic healthy life and growth is our relationship with our bodies and how we treat our bodies. It is the only vessel that carries our soul and being. Healthy eating and exercising is not only for those who want to lose weight, but it is also a symbol of love and respect for your body. It is a process that enables us to breed and develop self-control and discipline. It is one of the hardest things to do but every time you achieve success with exercising this type of discipline, it becomes a seamless part of your daily life. 


  1. Keep a journal and write in it daily

This is personally a habit I have been trying to develop since my birthday this year when I read about a simple the simple concept of personal accountability through journaling. We often feel like we do not have constant access to someone to talk to, call upon and tell all our progress, feelings regularly, etc. and frankly it can get exhausting on both sides to tell even your closest friends every single time how and what you feel day to day. So why not simply turn to an old fashioned pen and paper or simply type it out on your online journal via your phone or laptop. 


Journalling can help you gain more clarity, ease anxiety, breed a sense of gratitude, enables you to see areas of improvement and helps you track your progress regularly. Here is a simple thing to add to your journal daily; what you are grateful for, what made you happy today and what you could have done better. You can add any other subheading that is most relevant to you, like an achievement, an event, a meeting, a reminder, etc. you decide!


I find journaling very liberating! Although I still struggle to write every day, I jot down my feelings, key events, progress, things I am grateful for daily, something I wish I could do better the next day and other tiny little encounters to keep me in check. And when I get the inspiration I can write back in the actual journal encounters that happened weeks ago, thanks to the iPhone photo gallery that helps me remember the date, place and time. 


There you have it, five (5) habits to start doing today to help you develop a growth mindset. 

Let me know which one of these 5 habits you are already in-calculating in your daily lives and which one you will add today! Let me know what else would you add to the list?

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