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Let me guess some of you reading this right now said you were going to travel somewhere new this year 2019, and it is yet to happen?

Let me guess some of you reading this right now said you were going to travel somewhere new this year 2019, and it is yet to happen? 


You may have said you were going to X number countries or were going to indulge in X number of experience in your country or region, but have not yet made that happen? Well I am not here to judge you..at least not now  (lol)


The end of the decade is fast approaching, while many including myself sometimes may be dealing with anxiety, it is important to give yourself a break, to be honest as much as you tap yourself in the back to identify the habits that have to enable or hinder you achieve some of your goals over the past years . In doing so you gotta be true to yourself and commit to making a change for the better every day to truly be, do, have whatever it is that we set our hearts to do.

Even though I am writing this article at this time of the year, I seek to remind myself of the daily gift life gives us and hope to do so through my content to my audience to remind y’all to take everyday as a fresh start, as an opportunity to write the story that you want to be remembered for and create a life you truly love. 


So let’s get back at it, Travelling just like anything else be it friendship, a business or romantic relationship requires conscious and consistent efforts to make it work. At this point, if you have not read my first article, So you want to Travel? It’d be a great read to help you do away with the excuses you may already have and give you clarity o getting started travelling. 


Based on my personal experience and lessons learnt from the road, I have thought through these 7 things you need to stop doing if you want to travel and experience the world more in the months and years to come : 


  1. Stop doubting the possibility of travelling the world

No one has ever done anything phenomenal without the belief that they can make it happen. Once you believe you are and can do something you embody that feeling; so you need to believe you too can travel and experience this special world we are blessed with.

  1. Stop keeping it a secret

Emm, I know what you are thinking! I do not mean go on the radio or your social media and announce it publicly (unless you are comfortable doing so of course!) 

I mean do not make it as if it is a taboo to want to travel by keeping it only to yourself! Sharing you desire to travel privately or publicly can open up doors for someone to host you in their home (if you want), for a free tour guide and more importantly to have access to information and advice that you may not otherwise easily find by yourself. I have been hosted by families, guided on a tour, travel with a group, invited for dinner by so many incredibly kind and interesting people all over the world simply because I shared my travel plans publicly. Platforms such as Couchsurfing, meetup and even facebook groups are amazing resources to use especially when you are travelling alone. 

So next time you are planning or even thinking about travelling, do not excessively obsessed about how you alone will make it happen, through it out to the universe and you’d be surprised the resources and opportunities it will throw back at you!

As I write it, I am on the sofa (hammock for the photo) in a lovely apartment in Uptown Recife in Brazil where I paid $00.00 for to be hosted by my new found Brazilian Godmother Rubia! 


  1. Stop spending your money on things you don’t need

Trust ME when I say this, you have more than enough! I have had only 2 pairs of shoes and 1 slipper in the last 4 months travelling.

You don’t need that new dress, shirt or even that pair of shoes you are scrolling through Jumia, OLX or Tonaton to buy right now! No ! no no, you don’t need to buy those new sunglasses you just bought in traffic last week either. 

Not to say you shouldn’t buy nice things once in a while, but this is to remind you of your power to do differently than the consumerism culture our society has programmed us to be a part of. Plus if you want to travel more you will need to save up for it! (At least a large majority have to do so since we all have bills to pay.)


  1. Stop daydreaming and start planning 

SO you want to travel, Yeah we all know that you have been following all the travel bloggers, scrolling through your social media feed and seeing all these amazing places and experiences others: and you’re wishing oh one day! That would be be

Well, its time to make that one day become day one of travel planning. So here are five (5) tips to get you started. 

First, choose a destination, it doesn’t matter where and it doesn’t have to be that dream country 10,000km away, start small with the closest place in your country, region or country that you may not even need a passport or visa to go so you don’t have that as an excuse.

Secondly, choose a date and commit to it. Third, create a list of resources and work towards getting them all. Look online or reach out to your friend who leaves there maybe you can get a place to stay for free or a free tour guide. Fourth, don’t forget to share with someone or the public, join a travel forum, tell a friend, you never know who is going there too!


  1. Stop listening to what the news is telling you

Everywhere in the world, you just have to use your common sense! Period! There is so much noise on how unsafe, misogynist, racist and horrible in some places in the world are portrayed to be. Although you need to exercise caution more in some places than others, that should not deter you from going. Everyone experience is different and you can never know until you go. So just go there and experience it for yourself! The world is not that bad, in fact, people generally are very good. 


  1. Stop being afraid and wondering what could go wrong

What you focus on expands! I am sure you have heard that a million times! Excessive fear will only prevent you from realizing your dreams if you hold on to it. Stop thinking crazy about all the bad thing that could happen to you when you are travelling abroad. Think about the magic you will encounter, the strength and courage you will develop and of course the insta worthy pictures you will snap for the gram and how your ex will be wishing you are still together. 

There is nothing worse than living with regrets because you bought other people or your self imposing limitations to stop you from going where you want to be. 

Another thing is that Travelling doesn’t have to be wonderful all the time, it is ok if you don’t end up liking a place, not everywhere will be wonderful with a bed of roses! Read this article by glographic on what you should do if you travel somewhere and end up hating it.


  1. Stop talking too much! Reading too much! Watching so many videos! Just Goooooooooo

Be sure to share your next travel destination, date and resources you may need in the comment section below, who knows the universe forces also exist her. You may find some help 

Is there anything else you would add to the list above? Let me know and be sure to share which one of the 7 things you will be letting go today!

Africans Living Fully

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