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How does your Location affect your Mindset?

In the above image, how can contextualize, taking steps?

How does a warped Location as such get visualized in your head?

What materials do you underestimated that you have in your possession?

What elements of what is around, do you consider an obsession?

Is the fluidity, something you getting used to?

Or is rigidness, an ideal that you choose to do?

These are some questions, these are some prompts

to get you thinking outside the norm

blinking like the flashes that may occur in a storm

to live fully means to think outside the box at times

and sometimes that box doesn’t even reside

at times it can be a time to relax

and reflect the scenarios that occur in the past

or at times it is to engage with the blessings

and see what the future shall cast

for these are the thoughts that the mind let escape


during these Locations & Mindscapes

Africans Living Fully

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