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The road less travel

The truth unravels

Amidst the noise

The voices unbundle

and the journey changes

from a sprint to a hurdle

as it shows off its ranges

and the ability to be capable

to be different as the pace

isn’t one that is deemed comparable

but neither is a race

only a mental one

full of distractions

as there isn’t a necessarily a loser

or an ability to have won

but rather engage with the interactions

that sooner than later manifests

manifest into a bond.


A bond that reaches the mind

through dreams

flown through the streams

and yes flying in the water

rather than swimming rather

cause these are the dreams

that reaches to the limits

the limits that are beneath

as it is a chance to be complete

to achieved what we believe

is our right to succeed

our right to breathe


Breathing in the clean air

fleeing into this stream fare

that isn’t a cost cause it is

uncomfortable but still in care

as we gazed upon the vanilla frost

on the ground as we enter the roads

the roads that are needed to be seen


The roads that are needed to be cross

fed to be tossed

large enough to voyage

but small enough to build courage


The vividness of this landscape

that the blue is carefully drape

reaching within self

as it blends with the white

to put the elements

of turquoise into its mix

as if there are these giant elephants

parading and spraying leftover colours

with an assortment of white

to add feelings to discover

feelings that resemble those of a lover

for our dreams can be

from the limelight to that of being undercover

waiting for the right moment to sneak

even if we are fatigued

and looking for a nap

but simply ending up sleep

for this journey less travelled

has only begun

there is more to this world


as we travel to unravel

Africans Living Fully

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