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So you are solo travelling or with your friends- on a mega trip visiting Ghana 🇬🇭 the home to lathe and of Yaa Asantewaa thé gréât warrior who defended the Ashanti kingdom from invaders in the 17th century, the land of Gold, the black stars ✨ and melanted Melanie popping. The sound of music and the calling of the ancestors has finally been answered!


You may be wondering what unique experience apart from the obvious visit to historic landmarks and site with deep cultural connections should you engage in. Here are some recommendations on most dos for every female tourist or traveller from within the motherland and overseas planning on a trip to Ghana anytime. 


First thing first sis, you will be visiting a motherland: where the law favours women more often than not, so relax and be rest assured of an unlikely event of encountering any danger or intentional harassment. 

That being said, travelling as a lady just like anywhere else in the world requires you to take basic precautions, especially at night when alone and in Ghana that rule may be exercised more relaxedly.


So let’s get started with essentials: pack mostly light clothing for all occasions (trust me there will be so many of them especially if you are visiting in high season #YearofReturn #DecemberInGhana ), come with your sunscreen, mosquito repellent, tampons and take comfortable shoes with sunglasses to gear up for a vibrantly exciting experience in this getaway destination to West Africa. 


Treat yourself and everyone with respect and don’t take everything too seriously or at face value and you are good to go. Now let’s dive deep into some ladies business while you are here: 

  1. Go fabric shopping and find a tailor to sew you a beautiful outfit.

Experience the richness in culture by getting a glimpse through the finest selection of indigenous prints that represents Ghanaian heritage and cultural diversity: you’ll be lost in an ocean of bold colours on fabric designs, from the well known woven Kente fabric which is originally made in orange and yellow thread and is now printed on cotton in varying designs which can be seen in production in Bonwire, Kumasi Ashanti regions largely available in Fabric stores and Markets all over the country. To the northern Gonga woven cloth layered in stripe and beautiful west African fabric found in woodin; the markets and street sellers offer a wide range of styles and designs from GTP to Printex and Vlisco. 


Once you get your fabric of choice from either Makola or Madina market, get a local seamstress to sew you a style to fit your fashion sense and remember you’ll be supporting a local business by deciding to sew with a local tailor; in some market like Kantamanto in Accra, there are standby tailors ready to make you a dress in just an hour or two while you explore other interest the markets have to offer. 


  1. GET Your Hair braided with the finest styles of cornrows, twist or regular braids in under 2 hours: do yourself a favour of coming here with your hair loosen and leave with a souvenir that can last you the whole summer (from 2 weeks to 2 months if you’re going back to a cold destination) for 20% of the price you’ll pay if you’re in Europe or any other part of the west. 


Average cost: $10-$25 

Average time: 2 – 5 hours depending on the salon you go 


  1. Add bold colours to your fashion accessories by shopping unique pieces from Ghana

Ghanaian fashion is all about making a bold statement, go shopping for some bold light-weighted Kente or Bolga Straw inspired designed earrings, bangles, necklaces, mini purses, scarves, bags or even a slipper that will give your outfit an extra pop all year round. 

 Artistic creativity comes alive particularly in the fashion industry as local designers continuously go above expectations and keep consumers in awww 🥰 of their endless innovation in products depicting a variety of Afro inspired designs from all over Sub Saharan Africa. You can find these in the Makola or Madina market if you are on a budget or have a lot of time. If you love high-end products and want to avoid the traffic jam call in for delivery or simply go to specialize in fashion accessories stores like Kuadesigns, The shop Accra, Elle Lokko, Global mamas or Korlekour. Artistic creativity comes alive particularly in the fashion industry as local designers continuously go above expectations and keep consumers in awww 🥰 of their endless innovation in products depicting a variety of Afro inspired designs from all over Sub Saharan Africa.


  1. Stock up on an array of natural hair and skincare products selection 

If you’re the all-natural type of girl: Ghana 🇬🇭 is a heaven on earth with a myriad selection naturally grown and organic processed unadulterated beauty products. You would find the finest Raw Shea butter, cocoa butter, African black soap, coconut oil and black seed oil. These products are exported all over the world and used by major skincare brands in producing face creams, moisturizers, hair care products. 

You can easily find these raw products in the market and stock up for the whole year. Or you can choose to buy indigenous brands like hamamat , tama among others.



  1. If your time and budget allow; Travel up-north to visit and learn about the work of local women cooperatives in the shea butter and stray basket industry.

Over 80% of the accessories and skincare products you will be buying in the big cities come from these women who process the shea nuts into shea butter giving the world the finest selection of organically sources based for most skin and hair care products. On your trip, you will learn about ethical sourcing and brands who practice this. 

The cooperative work like a family group of suppliers and handcrafters to larger businesses exporting products overseas and retail businesses. Be rest assured to experience the love and magic of the craft women sewing the straws with love to create the popular bolga bags, basket and hats like you see in babatreebasket


  1. Indulge in traditional body care and tissue massage


Northern Ghana has a tradition of intensive skin repair and cares therapy with Shea butter and other local herbs. If you get the chance to visit, find the oldest lady in any of the villages and request for treatment. In case you are only going to be in the Capital City and want to experience luxurious African total body care treatment and massage ( spending some extra hundreds of $$$ is no problem ) book a session in advance at https://www.hamamat.com/, an indigenous spa here



       7. Last but not the least, where else is better to network with other Queens and take your powerful black girl magic sisterhood picture but at the Afrochella and Afronation event happening this December 2019 and in various spots in the Makola Market or Under the symbolic Independence Square in Accra – Ghana?



Hope this helps and we look forward to hearing about your experience in Ghana! Akwaaba chaleeee!

Africans Living Fully

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