Africans Living Fully

By Fadila A Ahmad / 21 March 2020 /



I know you are home most likely due to lockdown, quarantine or self-imposed isolation in your rational attempts just like many of us out here to contain the spread of this global pandemic disease.


However, you heart may be yearning for more adventures, the aroma of freshly made foreign food as you walk the street of a foreign city, the feeling of novelty that travels provides and you may be daydreaming of destinations and bucket-list experiences you want to tick off; and it may be frustrating that you can't even hang out with your friends or colleagues to ease up the social anxiety. Well, that's why we have taken the time to write the following 15 ways you can feed the wander lustre in you to inspire you to see an alternative way to experience the world around without travelling (yet): 

  1. Practice Meditation, gratitude and mindfulness


There is nothing more wanderlusting than getting lost in gratitude; you will discover so many positive feelings and emotions that will overwhelm your current reality and make you realise how blessed you are. While you may not have the ability to travel, you can travel in your mind by being mindful of the thoughts and feelings you allow into your space and through meditation, you can discover a whole of calm, peace and endless possibilities for your life.

So I highly recommend trying the habit of and stay consistent with daily meditation using Calm, Omvana or Headspace meditation apps. Also by taking notes and guarding your thoughts daily, you can wander in the most lustful destinations and bucket-list experiences you can ever imagine without even stepping out of your home. 

  1. Immerse yourself in your present experience and enjoy it! 

It is so easy at times like this to only dwell on the negatives and the fear of the unknown future; however, that is the greatest disservice you can do to yourself and your wanderlust dreams of experiencing the world. So while you are at home, enjoy the moment, think about your time as the much-needed vacation away from anyone & everything else; let it be a time to really tune into your inner self, voice and creativity. Stay in and recharge. Get the much-needed sleep, start a healthier morning routine, cook your favourite meal, clean up your space and do away with the excess, have a long shower, do your nails, start working on that business idea you’ve all wanted to create, take that course that can help, and just uck up in it, cook for yourself, develop a healthy 

  1. Take a virtual tour to any of these 2500 museums  


Can you imagine going to a world class museum without leaving your couch? Yesss! It is possible. SO your quarantine doesn't have to be full of boredom, excessive movies and browsing the internet. You can immerse deeply into art, culture and a little form of education according to a Fast company article that reported that Google Arts & Culture teamed up with over 2500 museums & galleries around the world to bring art to everyone through virtual tours and online exhibitions from some of the world's most famous museums. With millions of people all over the world on lockdown, art is a form of therapy that can heal and feed one's wanderlust so well. Museums all over the world are sharing the most Zen art to help people relax and you don't need to be depressed or quarantined to take advantage and immerse yourself into this magnificent opportunity. 

From experiencing 6 floors of Contemporary Korean art through Google Virtual Tour to exploring the masterworks from Dutch Golden age at my world's most favourite Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam through Street View TourFrom the Guggenheim museum in new york through it Street View feature allowing visitors to experience it famous spiral staircase; to Musee d’Orsay, Paris giving you through its virtual tour to see some of the oldest Monet, Cezanne and Gauguin; you will find something that will feed your soul. 

Be sure to bookmark this article, go check out GOOGLE virtual tours and read more about all the ways you can access over 2500 museums here

  1. Watch Travel Movies 


Oh yes, movies! I didn't say, no Netflix or cable TV at all. You should definitely reward your hard work from home with doses of travel movies that can inspire daydreaming, feet itching, trip planning or simply in awe of culture once more. I highly recommend you watch some of the following movies; The bucket list, Encounters at the End of the World, City of GOD, Queen (Bollywood), First, they Killed my Father, the African Doctor, Guatemala: Heart of the Mayan World, Into the Wild, Seven Year in Tibet 1997, The Art of Travel, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty or Out of Africa. Whatever you taste is you will find one of these AMAZING! 

  1. Discover the world from the eyes of a Travel Vlogger 

A great way to experience a destination on your bucket list is through Vlogs by those who live or travel there. I remember in New York my Godmother loved watching this Aussie Vlogger who was living in the Philippines and exploring off the beaten paths. It is an incredible way to rediscover your own country or a foreign country. Frankly, I can only recommend one vlog to you that I absolutely love, i.e the Passport Heavy by Jubril Agoro, a world traveller, digital nomad and marketing mogul. I do not watch any other vlogs on youtube; thanks to my slow internet and heavy workload: but trust me on this, if you are bored at home or find yourself dipping your hands into your travel savings account; head to youtube go discover travel vlogs to get your wanderlust to take over. 

  1. Get a lot in words carefully knitted by a travel blogger 

Hats off to all Travel Bloggers who use their pen to write and keyboard to knit words that make you feel like you are on a journey with them. To my very own Gloria Atanmo of the BlogAbroad, to Oneika The Traveller, to Lola Akinmade an award-winning geo traveller and my very own self Fadila who brought you this travel tips; reading travel blogs can inspire your wanderlust while you are home or even at work! PS: Don't let your boss catch you reading these blogs during work time! mdr!

  1. Host a Virtual Travel Quiz meet up with your friends

How about hosting a stimulating virtual hangout? A hump on Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Facetime or whatever works with your friends at a specific time every week to play travel games or do a quiz using history, monuments, cultural heritage, cuisine or unique experiences as a point of reference. You will not only feed your wanderlust but also stimulate your brain to learn something new. 

  1. Learn to cook and cook an International Cuisine at home 


Do you often find yourself mesmerizing over a destination you are yet top going or perhaps feeling nostalgic about a destination you visited some time ago? FOOD can be the answer to feeding your wanderlust. Go to youtube and do some research about the food culture, choose a meal that you can find similar ingredients where you live and get cooking. You can head here to learn some popular African dishes.  I used to live in the Gambia and sometimes I find myself salivating thinking about my favourite dish Yassa: so I learnt to make it from youtube and now I cook it while listening to Senegambian music whenever I feel nostalgic or have a yearning to go back in time to enjoy. It works!

  1. Watch a Foreign Movie in a foreign language

Sounds crazy! But try it at least once. If you are English or French, watch a Brazilian movie in Portuguese, or perhaps indulge in an Arabic documentary movie acted and scripted in Arabic with no translation. It is a whole different experience that allows you to fully immerse in the moment of the scenes to understand the way of life, thoughts and actions of other people so foreign to you. If you love action movies, watch a Chinese kung-fu movie in mandarin. I have watched movies in Spanish, Mandinka, Wolof, Arabic, Swahili, Portugese: it is a unique experience that can feed your wanderlust from the comfort of your couch. 

  1. Read Travel Books