Africans Living Fully

By Fadila A Ahmad / 13 December 2019 /



I know what you're thinking! Illegal immigration? How the heck did she get in, with all the security cameras and immigration procedure. 

Perhaps you are even asking yourself did she use a plane? A boat ? or did she drive there in an invisible car? Lol!

To give you some perspective: 

Earlier this year around March, I applied for a UK Tourist visa from Accra, Ghana to visit a family friend of mine and reunite with one of my bestie who was also travelling with her mom to the UK for Easter from Lagos. 

No, I am not Christian and yes I was going to celebrate Easter with my host family who of course celebrate it! I was already imagining the slice of garnished turkey, the salad and the mountain of #NigerianJollof rice I would be eating all day long.

However, the honourable consular who reserves the right to issue the visa denied the visa on the basis that he/she (I think it is a ) doesn't believe that my financial statements submitted for the visa application does not adequately reflect the true financial situation being a legal business owner who pays taxes. 

P.S: that experience taught me to start paying myself a salary (or at least show in the books that I receive a salary from my business account monthly) Thank you, consular,

However, the insult to the injury didn't stop there, he further stated that he doesn't believe that I intend to come back to Africa (Lol, I wonder what he was thinking! With Brexit and excessive taxation happening who wants to go to the UK and don’t come back? Or even that despite I just came back after 4 days from more prosperous countries, Lux*****rg were I fell in love with affluence in subtle display and the serenity that comes with it ) before the duration of my visa expired and for that reason, the visa was denied with no right of appeal. 

As much as I was kind of confused with the reason for the denial, I laughed over it, learnt a good lesson from it and move on! 

                                                                    Here is how it happened (legally)


So just about the same time when it happened, I was listening to another episode of TravelLikeABoss Podcast by JohnnyFD where I learnt about the Nomad Cruise, a business conference at sea for location independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers from all over the world. 

I registered and paid for the cruise and as part of the itinerary of our 13 days journey across the Atlantic from Barcelona, Spain to Recife, Brazil we will be visiting 3 other countries in between! 

One of the ports of call will, of course, be United Kingdom overseas territory, Gilbartarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Best part was 

I called the Counselor (on a dummy phone)to check in with how that visa scrutiny process lapse?


Yooo! You can tell me anything now: eeeniittt! I have been to the United Kingdom, in fact without a passport since no one checked my documents at the port and yes without a Visa! 

The best part is I made some cool friends too