Africans Living Fully

By Fadila A Ahmad / 21 December 2019 /



So you are solo travelling or with your friends- on a mega trip visiting Ghana 🇬🇭 the home to lathe and of Yaa Asantewaa thé gréât warrior who defended the Ashanti kingdom from invaders in the 17th century, the land of Gold, the black stars ✨ and melanted Melanie popping. The sound of music and the calling of the ancestors has finally been answered!

You may be wondering what unique experience apart from the obvious visit to historic landmarks and site with deep cultural connections should you engage in. Here are some recommendations on most dos for every female tourist or traveller from within the motherland and overseas planning on a trip to Ghana anytime. 

First thing first sis, you will be visiting a motherland: where the law favours women more often than not, so relax and be rest assured of an unlikely event of encountering any danger or intentional harassment. 

That being said, travelling as a lady just like anywhere else in the world requires you to take basic precautions, especially at night when alone and in Ghana that rule may be exercised more relaxedly.

So let's get started with essentials: pack mostly light clothing for all occasions (trust me there will be so many of them especially if you are visiting in high season #YearofReturn #DecemberInGhana ), come with your sunscreen, mosquito repellent, tampons and take comfortable shoes with sunglasses to gear up for a vibrantly exciting experience in this getaway destination to West Africa. 

Treat yourself and everyone with respect and don't take everything too seriously or at face value and you are good to go. Now let's dive deep into some ladies business while you are here: 

  1. Go fabric shopping and find a tailor to sew you a beautiful outfit.