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I know you found yourself working from home, it may have been a dream or it may be a nightmare because you were forced or perhaps you already are a remote worker but lost your freedom of movement due to the Lockdown. It does get lonely and often you may lack ideas on how to remain productive, connected with others and navigate making this lifestyle work in your favour: especially if you are very new to this, so the need for a community.

And the good news is you do not need to figure this out alone; that is why we are here and other people who already work from home that can support you, you can simply begin by joining online groups and networks that exist specifically to help you get started or transition to remote work and create a life of financial, time and location independence. 


This list is well-curated, it includes large, medium and small size groups with varying focus. Some are pages and others are private groups, some allow discussions on the groups while others do not, thus are simply job posting boards. Others go a step further to have their tailored-made solutions, services, events, courses and special programs designed just for you. 


Please note there is no affiliate link here and I make no money whether you join or not; the purpose is to bring awareness and to connect you with the platforms available to help you get started on your remote career journey; so the onus is on you to take action and choose to join the ones that you best resonate with and perceived value from. So let’s get into it: 




  1. Global digital nomad network 

This is one of the largest groups for remote workers, online business owners and digital nomads worldwide. With over 43,000 members on Facebook, the group was started by Johannes Voelker the founder of webworktravel, in April 2014. In the group, you will find discussions around all things “digital nomad” – the best locations, the newest marketing hacks, potential business collaborations and personal stories of travelling entrepreneurs. Members of the group meet physically around the world and connect during community-powered events such as the nomad cruise and meetups.

  1. Digital nomads around the world 

This is a place for digital nomads to share advice and tips related to living the digital nomad lifestyle. Join to connect with other nomads and share your experience. 


  1. Make Moves Motivation                                              

A free community for content creators, side hustlers, entrepreneurs, and creatives who want to monetize online and create multiple streams of revenue. The group was started by Taylor Mills a digital marketing and online business strategist who has been living as a digital nomad and has helped several entrepreneurs around the world how to overcome overwhelm and finally starts seeing results. Want to launch an online business and feeling overwhelmed? Join here

  1. Road to Remote 

A free online community by Jordan Caroll where he shares exclusive job updates, lists of companies hiring remote, and tips on how to go remote successfully. Join the group here


  1. Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs 

Are you an aspiring or current digital nomad freelancer or with your own business?


  1. African digital nomads network

This is one of the newest group created by us here at Africans Living Fully purposely to share information, tips, job alerts, opportunities and resources that can empower more Africans and Persons of African Descent to succeed in this space and leverage on this digital opportunity to create and design a life of the location, time and financial independence. So I invite you to join us here on this journey as it’s a community by us, curated by you and us for all of us.  



  1. Digital Nomad Girls:

Digital Nomad Girls is a community for location independent women around the world! Their mission is to connect, inspire and empower (aspiring) digital nomad girls! Looking for some motivation and sisterhood? Join them here 


  1. Girls Love Getting paid While Travel

Girls with a passion for travel can come here to share travelling tips and tricks, post their adventures, build community, and learn how to make a living while living their dreams!! 


  1. We Work remotely: Arguably the world’s largest remote work community and job sites. You can find global job openings in all sectors from fully remote to hybrid openings. Join the group here

  1. Workew

Do you want to work from anywhere? Workew lists remote jobs for digital nomads. Find remote careers and remote work opportunities from the best companies. Join here


  1. Digital nomad jobs; A group to find, share, discuss, exchange tips on remote jobs and digital nomad lifestyle. In this group, you will be able to connect your business with Digital Nomads. 


  1. I work here: full-time remote gigs only job posting. You can join the group here


  1. Remote Jobs: Straight to the point remote job listing group, no members discussions: only the admin’s post jobs mainly related to programming and design for global recruitment 


Hope this helps find the right community to support you on your journey of finding a remote job, starting your online business or perfecting your work from any lifestyle more sustainably and happier. 


Pro tips to help you effectively get the maximize value from and give to remote work group

  • Do not Join more than 3 groups at a time; take your time to research some more and ask yourself how you can gain value and contribute value in return to the groups; then decide which groups to join. 


  • Define your goals for joining the group – are you in search of motivation, a remote job? A potential business partner? Are you recruiting ? or Are you there to build a network? If yes to what end? Do you want to develop a skill (if yes, groups may not be the right place for you, so check out this article I wrote just for you here or book a clarity call with me here ) Asking yourself this question and being crystal clear of what you intentions are for joining the group will help you gain and give the most value?


  • Create a schedule daily or weekly to scan through messages and information shared on the group; you might sight an opportunity, but be wary on checking in 24/7 this should not be another distraction from real life and work 


Basic Etiquettes to abide by 

  • Don’t be there just for self-promotion and pushing your agenda: invest time periodically to genuinely engage with other people and content with courtesy and respect 

Don’t be too serious; life isn’t! This is a personal note to myself and a reminder to you too. Some things take times others don’t – enjoy the process!


Last but not the least, If you still need some help or have specific questions about how to get started or transition effectively to remote work, book a clarity call with me here!


Do you know any other group that exists and can add value to current and future remote workers? DO share in the comment below and be sure to share this article at least one person you know needs it!


Happy Work From Home!

Africans Living Fully

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