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The Africans Living Fully (ALF) Team is proud to invite you to join hands with us on our mission of empowering, educating and inspiring young Africans to pursue careers and life paths that are true & enables them to reach their full potential. 


But before we go deeper to talk about this open call for application, We would like to take this time to once again thank you for being a part of this community, for your contribution, participation and of course feedback over the past months since we started this project. 


A lot of you have asked since the last webinar series on the #futureofwork, what is next at Africans Living Fully? 


You see that question is a shared responsibility, as this platform was created for us to educate, inspire, empower and retell the narrative of the average African Youth on their path to living a meaningful life and career without limits. It is also to provide our community with the tools, resources and network to support their growth.


                                    So we are super excited to invite you to join hands with us on this mission

Since as a community, we need to anchor the diverse voice and experiences that exist. We also recognize that we can reach so much more of our people if we can effectively engage you in our work and create an atmosphere of collaboration, synergies and a safe space for you to share and to be celebrated. 

So here is how we can work together

        1. Become a Contributing Writer or Editor

Are you a thriving business owner, career professional, creative or social change-maker who wants to share practical tips, guides or lessons learnt on your career journey in your specific field? 


Are you currently a writer or aspiring writer who lives to educate, engage, and inspire other Africans or people of African descent to create a life without limitations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our team wants to put you at the forefront of the ALF community. As a contributing writer or editor, you will help us discover those untold stories of everyday African people to inspire a new generation of Africans and people of African descent to take action and embody what it means to be an “African Living Fully.” So what are you waiting for? Apply here 

            2. Become our Ambassador in your community

Are you passionate about bringing people together, sharing empowering contents and creating dope experiences?


Do you want to actively empower Young Africans to be limitless in their pursuit of a meaningful life and career?


Do you enjoy organizing or hosting networking events that spark conversations for positive change and collaborative efforts?


Would you like to be an active promoter of our content and coordinator of our events in your city, country or university? If this is you, Join us by registering here 

 3. Partner, Collaborate or Get Featured on our Shows, Events and or Interview

Are you a brand that has a product or service that aligns with our mission, and would love to sponsor or partner with us to achieve your corporate objectives? 


Are you an experienced professional, business owner, creative or simply a bad*ss killing it in your career and living your best life every day? Would you love to share your story, experience or expertise with our community? 

If yes, then Apply here to Get Featured as a brand, institution or person; you can choose to become a co-host, a guest on our future events; a brand partner; a project collaborator or even a sponsor. Head over here and tell us how best you see this relationship working out! 


So there you have the 3 ways you can get Involved with Africans Living Fully.


We hope that you join us on this journey if our values align; if not we ask that you share this call with at least 2 people you know personally who you believe would love to contribute to the work we do and apply for any of these roles. 


Please note the deadline for the second call for applications is 19th April 2021. 


Have questions, suggestions or other ideas on how you think we can work together? Send us an email to info@africanslivingfully.com, a DM on Instagram

Africans Living Fully

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