Africans Living Fully

By ALF Team / 30 December 2020 /


Become an African Living Fully Contributor

Estimated Reading Time: 4 Minutes 

The Africans Living Fully (ALF) Team is proud to call for applications for Africans Living Fully Contributors. We welcome guest writers, storytellers, and African creatives to be featured on our website and across our digital platforms. We have a special call to career professionals, thriving business owners, coaches, travellers and bloggers to contribute to the ALF community. 

We are calling on experienced writers, business owners, career professionals, creatives and storyteller to contribute their stories and lessons learn through writing, video or audio to our blog on empowering Young Africans to pursue careers and life paths that are true and enables them to be limitless in creating the life they want 

**Position contributor opportunity as an incubator, network, resource, training, etc. platform. Prioritize them as resources/go-to people for Creative Nights / creative aspect of ALF  (is this part of the write up) 



Are you a thriving business owner or career professional who wants to share practical tips, guides or lessons learnt on your journey to creating a path that is true to you in a specific field? 

Are you currently a writer or aspiring writer who lives to educate, engage, and inspire other Africans or people of African descent to create a life without limitations?

Do you love storytelling or want to practice your storytelling ability by expressing your voice throughout the African continent and beyond?

Do you consider yourself a creative person whose artistry shifts the minds of those you come across?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our team wants to put you at the forefront of the ALF community. As a contributor, you will inspire a new generation of Africans and people of African descent to take action and embody what it means to be an “African Living Fully.”