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With a larger number of people across the word learning towards the remote work as proven by reports from Owl Labs showing that 18% of people globally work remotely full time and 16% of companies exclusively hiring remote workers; this growing phenomenon is here to stay 

72% of talent professionals agree that work flexibility will be very important for the future of HR and recruiting based on LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends Report for 2019


With this growth of flexible and remote work comes the need for community and a platform to connect remote workers and digital nomads with one another; thus given rise to digital nomad conferences and events. 


So whether you are just getting started looking for a remote job or building a remote business, or you are partly or fully working online from your home or travelling around the world or maybe you have been on the word for years and now looking to optimize your remote team while you get a home base: These unique events present an opportunity to build your network, share your skills and experience, develop better skills and professional competences and find your tribe of people who like you dare to be different and free. 


From retreats in the mountain in the Himalayas to a sailing conference at sea, from a train ride across eastern Europe to unique workshops and conferences on land at some of the most naturally beautiful and cosmopolitan city around the world; safe spaces are being created for aspiring, new and veteran remote workers and digital entrepreneurs of all ages, background and stages. 


Whatever stage you are in your location independent career development your skill, experience and voice matters and your name is being called to attend some of these events designed just for you: 


  1. Nomad Cruise 

Are you an aspiring or current digital nomad, entrepreneurs or Global freedom seeker? How about sailing across the Atlantic or Meditteranean on the only business conference at sea with a group of over 250 people on a skill-sharing and deep connection journey for 10-13 days?If you are wondering why this is on top of the list and what makes this conference unique read more about my Nomad Cruise 9 experience here and get your ticket to attend the next events for a discount of #100 here.

Note: The next cruise starts from the 18th April 2020 for 13 days from the Caribbean to Europe.  It would be the coolest, dopest and most intense transformational event experience you’d be on: Don’t take my word for it sign up for the next event here. 


  1. Nomad Summit 


Founded by Johnny FD, a veteran nomad and host of the Travel Like a Boss & co-host of  Invest like a boss podcast; This conference is one the largest gathering of some of the most successful location independent entrepreneurs and lifestyle designers. The conference is for remote workers, online entrepreneurs, digital nomads and anyone out there currently dreaming of location independence and financial freedom.

Duration: Three (3) days event, happening twice every year in two continents. One constant event in Bali and the other one rotating around the world. 

Next Location: It’s happening in Tbilisi, Georgia from May 22 Till May 25 2020 

Cost: It has 2 categories of ticket: the general ticket going for $169 and the VIP ticket going for $697 with different levels of access. Click here to find out more. 

Pro Reg Tip: Signup to their mailing list to get 10% off the next conference here 

  1. DNX Festival  


This is a mega event for digital entrepreneurs, remote workers and holistic lifestyle enthusiasts. The conference focuses on lifestyle design and supporting every aspect location independent lifestyle, the freedom and how to opt that comes with it. The last one was held in Lisbon Portugal in Sept 2018 and I have no information on the next. But it’d be great to keep an eye on it.  

  1. Digital Nomad Summit 


Founded by Olumide Gbenro, a digital marketing strategist, June 2020 will be the 1st of its kind, to be hosted in Bali Indonesia. If you are someone who wants to learn the latest ways to run your online business from Experts, Leaders, and Influencers in our global community. Network with like-minded people, find your community and leave with the tools it takes to live a fulfilling and balanced life as a location independent entrepreneur; then this event is for you. 


The event will include activities like yoga & meditation, island hopping & epic after-parties.


Next Location: Conrad Bali Resort, Bali – Indonesia

Duration: 3 days from  June 5 till June 7 2020

Cost: $400 regular and $499 at door

Pro Reg Tip: You can save $200 by register before 10th march here


  1. Running Remote Conference 

This is  a specializes event that focuses in on the building and scaling your remote team; bringing insights from companies who are leading the remote work revolution 


Ideal participant: 

This event is mainly for digital entrepreneurs who have companies that are fully remote or hybrid with distributed teams. The goal of this event is to sharpen your creativity, empower and equip you as a leader of a remote company with advanced tools, resources, skills and best practices needed to manage effectively and build an organizational culture that will attract and retain best talents from around the world. 


Duration: Intensive one 1 day event : 20-21st April 2020 

Location: Austin – Texas, United States

Cost: $999 per person, you can get a $200 discount by registering here 


  1. Nomad Train

Take the journey of a lifetime on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar with like-minded remote workers and digital nomads from around the world. This trip is for the adventures and takes you across Russia to Mongolia in Europe and please be sure you get all visas before getting on the Train, especially if you are from a developing country whose passport is not so friendly. 


I have heard about this event since 2018 but it made it to this list due to testimonials from people I met on the Nomad Cruise 9 whose experience sounded amazingly adventures. So if you are up for a breathtaking adventure and have 6 weeks to travel across Asia to Eastern Europe, Sign up for here


Next Location: Train from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Next dates: 18 May — 2 June 2020 or 8th June – 23rd Sept 2020 

Cost: From 1570€.

Host: For Nomads by Nomads and don’t worry the event is in English  

Pro Tip: Book 60 days prior to the start of the trip, pack light and be ready for a drill! 


  1. Freedom Business Summit 


At the heart fo Eastern Europe, This event invites you to learn proven strategies on how to build a remote business, lifestyle, and travel the world from international lifestyle entrepreneurs, world traveller, digital nomad, remote startup founders and investors. The Freedom Business Summit is open to everyone with entrepreneurial DNA inside as stated on their website. So if you are always in a hustle mode: looking for better options and new opportunities and can make it to Ukraine this September, be sure to register for it here 

Duration: 1-day event on the 19th Sept 2020

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine 

Cost: 99 euros

Pro tip: If you are closeby eastern Europe, register here 

  1. If you would rather learn online from the comfort of your home. Sign up here for the special notification on when our summit goes live specially designed to help you start and scale your remote work and or online business. 


Hope this helps you whatever stage you are in on your remote work journey! We’d love to hear your feedback if you happen to go to any of these events. Use the Hashtag #ALFNomadEvents to share your story. 


For fellow nomads out there, Have you been to any remarkable event specifically designed to help people become location, time and financially independent? and create sustainable livelihood and lifestyle? How was it? We’d like to hear (send an email to info@africanslivingfully or contact us here ) and tell us why we should add it to this list?

Africans Living Fully

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