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By Fadila A Ahmad / 25 February 2020 /



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Have you ever wondered what it would be like living at sea on a cruise ship with complete strangers travelling across the Atlantic ocean on a professional skill-sharing and personal development adventure? What comes to your mind when you imagine that? Hold that thought for a moment.

Well, three months ago, I was on a 2-week journey of a lifetime with 299 other ordinary human beings who dared to create and live extraordinary lives. These groups of people are a non-conformity tribe who have chosen the road less travelled and defile societal norm in creating a career and life path that is authentically in alignment with who they are. 

It felt overwhelming exciting yet daring to get on the boat knowing absolutely nobody but still felt like they may be the lost tribe I have longed to be waiting to reconnect with. You see I have been working remotely for about 2 years, but I did not personally know many people in my immediate circle who also work remotely so I have had little physical contact, however, I actively seek for engagements and participation in online forums that exist for digital nomads around the world. So you can imagine my excitement going on the Nomad Cruise.  


Initially, I thought I was just going on a normal business conference with online entrepreneurs and travellers, but as the days draw closer and the communication got more intense; I realized that they will be nothing normal about this gathering which was what I badly needed, especially for me since it was going to be my first time sailing. So let's get into it in a more structured manner before my emotions excitement stake over this introduction, but be rest assured that everything you will read in this article will expand your mind and blow it up in ways you may have not experienced before : 

THE CONCEPT: What is Nomad Cruise? How did it start? Who is it for? 

First thing first, The nomad cruise is only business conférence at sea that brings together some of the world most daring, free-spirited and independent people of all ages who have one thing in common ‘ the quest for freedom in all its forms: “money, time, life choices and location”. 

And with this yearn for more freedom comes the natural alignment towards remote work and digital businesses lifestyle which hundreds of thousands of young people around the world are leaning towards today. Check out these articles I wrote to help you understand more about this digital nomad lifestyle and why it matters? 

In simple terms, the growing number of digital nomads  (a.k.a Mr(s)work from anywhere) means, a need for a community of like-minded people and that’s where Nomad Cruise comes in to be the networking catalyst. 

At the core of all Nomad Cruisers is the desire to be free to build a purposeful life , to do work that matters the most to them and make an income that is not tied down to a physical location but that is based value that can be offered online. 

Who is it for?

So it Participants are aspiring and current remote workers, creatives, freelancers, coaches, online and location independent entrepreneurs who are in search of a deeper connection to take their personal and professional lives to the next level. 


The nomad cruise brings these incredible, talented and successful people together for a 2 weeks journey across the world to unplug and dive deep into the incredible possibilities of learning, sharing, connecting and creating solutions.


How did it start?


Nomad cruise was founded accidentally by Johannes Volker in 2015, at the time he has been working online for over 10 years and recognize the need to bring people together who had a similar independent lifestyle: so he announced on a Facebook group that he was going on a cruise and if anyone else wanted to join him: they are welcome! On the day of departure at the check-in counter of the cruiseliner, about a 100 people showed up, they travelled together and after that experience, the Nomad Cruise was born to take this networking experience to a deeper level. 

The Nomad Cruise 9 and How I got involved 

The Nomad Cruise 9, set sail from Barcelona Spain to Recife, Brazil from Nov 18th till Nov 30th 2019.


I first heard about the concept from JohnnyFD travel like a boss podcast, a podcast I have been religiously listening to & inspired by since Feb 2019 since I first learnt about Johnny from the Digital Lifestyle Conference

I was curious and in search of deeper connections, a community, an opportunity to share and to learn how to make this lifestyle work since I committed to improving the quality of my circle. So I looked up the program online, applied and got accepted to join the tribe at sea. 

This post is a review of my experience. I hope it helps set expectations for any of you considering attending, and also connects me with other Nomad Cruise alumni. 

This review will focus on 5 things that make the Nomad Cruise special; following it, I will share the key  results, reflections, lessons and recommendations from my experience:

The Guiding Values 

Since the conference is at sea on a cruise ship with 1400 other passengers other than those participating in the business conference and the community keeps growing year after year; the nomad cruise community has a guiding principle which is value-based and participants believe in and treasure as the foundation of all relationships and interactions. These principles are as follows: Openness, Sharing, Respect, Responsibility, Participation, Kindness, Consent in all its forms. Learn about that values here 

The Structure of the Nomad Cruise  

Although the conference is at sea onboard a cruise ship; it's important to remember that the organizing team puts efforts to select high-quality people and not only those who want to party to participate in the program. Thus the conference consists of keynote Speeches, Workshops, Masterminds and Meetups. 

  1. The KEYNOTES are skill and performance-based training and inspirational stories from life experiences of selected digital nomads entrepreneurs who are experts in a particular field. Every other day we have 2-3 short but highly valuable keynote presentations from the selected speakers after which questions are asked and participants gain more clarity in how to better navigate that specific area of their digital nomad lifestyle and or business. In the Nomad Cruise 9 some of following was my most impactful keynote speeches: 

  1. The next program formats are action-based WORKSHOPS where experts engage with participants to speedily improve certain skills and engage in confidence-building activities. 


    Other equally impactful ones were; 

Year in year out; the nomad cruise team are bringing the very best people to facilitate workshops to help you grow holistically so be sure to check out the next program outline and bookmark the ones you resonate with. Whatever you do, trust me don’t miss the Deep connection workshop!

  1. MASTERMINDS: are typically done as a breakout session of the keynote speeches or presentations where the speaker's request for people to form a small group based on certain common traits or challenges that participants share. These masterminds are like speed deep dives for small groups of typically 6 or fewer people to help participants share their problems and get a recommendation from other group members. 

  1. MEETUPS: can be organized by anyone, all you have to do is simply put up on the notice board, the topic, the date, the time, the venue and space for interested participants to sign up for it. 

The meetups theme ranging from specialized business and personal development topics like Finding your purpose, AirBnB Arbitrage, Virtual Summit, Amazon Dropshipping, Affiliate marketing, Tax residency in X country among others. It also includes sport and wellness thematic meetups ranging from acro yoga, samba, salsa dance, tennis, yoga and as well as topics like relationships, Multiple orgasms, Polygamy, language etc.